Walking Canes For Men
Examining Walking Canes For Men From A Historical Vantage Point

A long time ago, walking canes for men were made to be a sort of weapon that could be used to fight off ferocious animals or any other attackers. People mostly traveled by foot back then and would have to cross some very hazardous landscapes, so they also used their weapon as a tool to help them stabilize their selves throughout their journeys. Over time, people found other purposes to keep one of these sticks by their sides.

Despite being a shepherd’s tool, they eventually became associated with nobility and power. The men who ruled in those days would often carry scepters, which was a way to symbolize their ability to lead and protect their subjects.

Being the symbols of nobility that they were, canes were later carried by the men in the 17th century to make them look more dignified. During this time men who failed to carry a nicely crafted stick were considered to be less-than, and largely disregarded by the upper class, which is what really led to the sticks being associated with gentlemanly behavior. As a matter of fact, Britain once held a law that demanded any man who carried a cane to be legally permitted to do so, to ensure that no low-class citizens were ruining its meaning. Additional data that is related to this article can be reviewed on the website of flickr.

Even though it was used as a weapon all those years ago, a cane is still sometimes seen as sign of being gentlemanly and powerful. Today, both men and women use these sticks not only as a fashion statement but also as a fashionable way of getting around with ease if they have some kind of injury or condition that restricts their ability to move around freely.

When purchasing a cane these days, a person has a lot more to choose from than just a simple wooden stick, because they come in many styles and materials. There are even some very specific ones that are made for blind people, which are typically long and white with a bright red tip. They generally come with a special grip that makes them much easier to hold onto.

Today’s fancy walking canes for men are still used as tools and are still used to make a fashion statement, so there is a rather large number of styles available, from plain medical grade ones to ones that are finely crafted from costly materials. Many collectors have spent years searching for the rarest and most gorgeous pieces for the unique look and history that comes with each piece. Furthermore, a lot of people still use them for what they were originally made for, to assist and protect them as they hike through the wilderness.